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Neuro Hive Podcast

Dec 12, 2022

Is AI going to crush copywriters, media buyers, and marketers? 

Find out in this episode with Alex Vonderhaar. 


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Dec 6, 2022

In this episode, Alex and Zach Babcock talk about how to brand, market, and successfully launch a podcast. 


You'll also hear about stacking offers, and how to tap into the psychology of podcast listeners. 


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Underdog Empowerment:

Oct 13, 2022

In this episode, Alex reveals some of his best copywriting secrets that he uses in ads, websites, and much much more. 


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Sep 2, 2022

Ever wonder how marketers create such killer ads that seem to never get old? It's because they are following a specific formula. In this episode, Alex Vonderhaar goes deep into the psychology around value, cost, and acceptability of an offer in a market place. 


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Aug 19, 2022

In this episode Alex goes into how to properly stack Google's performance max campaigns without losing your search campaign effectiveness. 


Whether you're an ad buyer, agency owner, or a DIY business owner this episode is easily going to add value to your ad account.